BSF institutes COVID-19 safety measures for personnel for harvesting across border fence

The Border Security Force (BSF) has made elaborate plans to conduct the forthcoming wheat harvesting on the Indo-Pak border with full safety for its personnel as well as the farmers who have to harvest the crop, in view of Coronavirus, along the international border across the fence. Senior BSF officials revealed that instructions have been passed to the units down the line that adequate protection has to be made available to the personnel who will frisk the farmers who go across the fence to harvest the crop.

We will ensure that personal protective equipment is available to the BSF Jawans who not only have to frisk the farmers and check the combine harvesters that go across the fence but also have to monitor the harvesting for several hours,' a senior BSF official at Frontier Headquarters in Jalandhar said. It has been decided that BSF jawans who have to keep an eye on harvesting beyond the border fence will be deputed in shifts of two hours each before being rotated. Gloves, masks and other protective items will be supplied to them. Officials say certain measures are already in place along the Indo-Pak border in view of COVID-19 protective measures. 'Farmers have been spraying insecticides on the crops across the fence and we have already instituted the protective measures,' the official said. He added that family welfare centres of BSF have been manufacturing triple layer masks for the personnel deployed on border duties.

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