Grocery, milk booth, vegetable shops open during 21-day lockdown: Complete list

The guidelines also ordered all educational institutions and places of worship to close and restricted the congregation at any funeral during the lockdown to a maximum of 20 people. The home ministry also ordered all enforcement authorities to note that these strict restrictions fundamentally relate to movement of people but not to that of essential goods Defence, central armed police forces, treasury, public utilities (including petroleum, CNG, LPG, PNG), disaster management, power generation and transmission units, post offices, National Informatics Centre and early warning agencies Police, home guards, civil defence fire and emergency services disaster management and prisons At district level, district administration and treasury, electricity, water and sanitation. Staff of municipal bodies required for provision of essential services - sanitation and water supply - municipal bodies - will be required to work Hospitals and medical establishments involved in manufacture and distribution such as dispensaries, hospitals, chemist and medical equipment shops will remain open. The transportation for all medical personnel, nurses , para-medical staff, other hospital support services will be permitted Shops including ration shops, dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder. However, district authorities may encourage and facilitate home delivery to minimise the movement of individuals outside their homes. Banks, insurance offices and ATMs. Print and electronic media Telecom, internet services, broadcasting and cable services and IT and IT enabled services can be open to the extent that they have to provide essential services. Delivery of all essential goods including food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment through e-commerce. Petrol pups, LPG, petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets. Power generation, transmission and distribution. Capital and debt market services notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India Cold storage and warehousing services Private security agencies. all other establishment #india #coronavirus #totallockdown

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