Hantavirus Creates Panic Between Netizens After One Person Dies in China.

Amid coronavirus scare and lockdown announced in several states globally, the news of a man hailing from Southwest China, died and was reported tested for Hantavirus , has created a panic all over the world. As per the reports, the man from Yunnan Province in Southwest China was on his way back to Shandong Province for work on a bus on Monday, March 23. All the 32 people on the bus were tested but the results are not yet revealed.

As soon as the news broke, netizens started a discussion over the same and panicked over the new virus. Soon hashtag #Hantavirus became the top trends on Twitter. One user tweeted, '#Hantavirus China dropping these viruses like they got an album coming. #Hantavirus.' Another user wrote, 'China at it again!!! Chinese virus still killing people globally and now Hantavirus. Why did heck will someone eat an uncooked rat? #COVID19 #Hantavirus.' One more user shared a meme and wrote, 'Pehle Corona, ab #Hantavirus The whole world to China.'

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