Is CORONA going to spread fast in Delhi? Click here to know How?

Delhi's CM Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference on Wednesday regarding the status of Coronavirus and hospitals in the capital. Kejriwal said, my corona test has come negative. Thank you to all those who prayed for me. The CM also warned that, Corona's transition to the capital will spread more rapidly,

As of July 31, 5.32 lakh cases of corona are possible in Delhi, in such a situation, we need to be more vigilant. This is not the time of fight and quarrel, we will obey LG's order and together we will defeat Corona.CM said, 12,000 people have been free from corona infection in Delhi, 18 thousand people are still having corona infection in Delhi. But right now the corona is likely to spread more quickly. In such a situation, this is not the time to express disagreement. We will try our best to ensure that there is no shortage of beds in Delhi.

The order of LG and the Center will be implemented. We do not have to fight with each other but with Corona.Kejriwal said, there are many shortcomings in our system but not everything is bad. Our doctors and nurses are doing a great job. He also said that this is not the time to express politics and disagreement. We will try our best to ensure that there is no shortage of beds in hospitals in Delhi.If we kept fighting amongst ourselves, Corona would win. Until we fight together, we will not be able to beat Corona.

The Delhi Government will implement the decision of the Lieutenant Governor on the treatment of Corona patients. The Delhi government had earlier decided to treat only Delhiites in its hospitals, but the Lt. Governor reversed the decision.

The Governor dismissed the Delhi government's decision to allow the treatment of all in hospitals. However, now Chief Minister Kejriwal has spoken of fully implementing the decision of the Lieutenant Governor.Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, many people are telling us that the decision of the elected government of Delhi cannot be reversed by the Center and the Lieutenant Governor. But this is not the time for disagreements. If the Center and Lieutenant Governor have already decided, then now we will follow it. Kejriwal said, this is not the time to fight among themselves.

BJP is fighting Aam Aadmi Party. People of Aam Aadmi Party are fighting Congress and Congress against BJP. If everyone kept fighting each other, Corona would win.The Chief Minister also spoke of running a mass movement against Corona. He said, three things have to be kept in mind in this movement. While going out, wear a mask, wash your hands or sanitize frequently and take care of social distancing. If a person is not following these things, humblely beg him and ask him to follow these things.The Chief Minister said, 1,900 Corona patients have been admitted to various hospitals in Delhi in the last 8 days.

Even today, 42 hundred beds are empty in Delhi. Most of the empty beds are in government hospitals. He also admitted that about one and a half to 200 people have had to eat here and there for the sake of beds in hospitals. Kejriwal has spoken of removing these flaws. According to the Chief Minister, the Delhi government will further improve its systems including its app.

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