Kanika Kapoor throws tantrums at the hospital in Lucknow; tests positive again for COVID19

A few days back, Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor took to Instagram to reveal that she was tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) after she returned from London. She was then admitted at a hospital in Lucknow, where doctors said she was constantly throwing tantrums stating her celebrity status. Some days later, her family joined in the tantrums too and asked her her samples to be tested again, as they raised questions about initial reports. Keeping this in mind, the team at Lucknow-based the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences tested the samples again, reported ANI. The director of the institute, Dr RK Dhiman, on Sunday said that she has been receiving the best of facilities and treatment by the hospital staff.

"The hospital staff at her disposal is for a four-hour shift during which they cannot eat or drink because they wear anti-infection equipment. Every four hours one team is 'donned off' their gear and another shift takes over. The room is cleaned every four hours. Kanika Kapoor's claims are all baseless,' Mirror quoted. In a recently published interview, it was mentioned that Kanika complained about the way she was treated, calling it 'miserable' after not being attended for hours. not been given anything to eat except a few fruits and given just a small bottle of water to drink. She said that she had not taken medicines and was hungry and despite having complained about fever, no one had attended. Moreover, since she was allergic to some food, she couldn't eat what was offered and the food she had brought was also taken away. Irritated with the behaviour, the hospital staff asked her to not throw tantrums like a star and cooperate like a patient.

Charges of negligence have been filed against Kanika Kapoor for attending social events even after knowing that she was infected with Coronavirus. Lucknow Police has booked her under Sections 188, 269, and 270 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the FIR was lodged after the chief medical officer (CMO) of Lucknow complained in this regard.

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