Rahul Gandhi slams Modi government over Corona, says 'we had time, could have prepared better' 

The number of patients with coronavirus in the country is increasing rapidly. Necessary steps are being taken by the central and state governments. But on this continuously spreading virus, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has accused the Modi government of late in the battle with Corona. Rahul Gandhi has said that we had time for preparation. But we did not prepare seriously on time. Congress leader and MP from Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency, Rahul Gandhi, tweeted from his official Twitter handle, wrote, 'I am feeling very sad because it could have been completely avoided.

We had time to prepare, we should have taken this threat more seriously and prepared much better. ' Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi has attacked the Modi government earlier also with the Corona virus. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi wrote in tweeting that coronavirus is a tough attack on our fragile economy. Small, medium businessmen and daily wage workers are the worst affected. Clapping won't help them. Today, a huge economic package is needed such as cash help, tax breaks and debt repayment. Take quick steps.

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