Streets Wear Deserted Look As Millions of Indians Stay Indoors to Observe Janata Curfew

Streets across India wore a deserted look and an eerie silence pervaded on Sunday morning as people woke up to empty markets, railway stations and roads on account of the 'Janata' curfew proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to combat coronavirus. With the usual hustle-bustle missing and people staying indoors, the otherwise bustling cities of India remained hauntingly empty on Sunday morning. Several public services, including the Railways and metro services, are halted today during the public curfew. Only those people who are engaged in the provision of essential services were seen on the roads as they have been exempted from the curfew.

Traffic on the roads was minuscule as people observed the self-imposed curfew to be maintained between 7 am and 9 pm.

The Indian Railways has also announced that no passenger trains will originate from any junction in the country from midnight on Saturday to 10.00 pm on Sunday as part of the Janata Curfew.

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